Luxoft SuperCloud

Andrew (network admin) and Michael (app developer) are both facing the same challenges - enabling data center cloud services. The solution? Network Function Virtualization (NFV), utilizing Luxoft's new SuperCloud NFV Orchestrator.
Animated explainer video. Produced for First Person.

The Skinny on Childhood Obesity

This animated video details the health risks of childhood obesity, and the 5-2-1-0 Healthy Active Living plan (American Academy of Pediatrics) designed to beat this ongoing national health crisis.
Animated explainer video. Produced for Broomfield Pediatrics and Internal Medicine.

Denver Animators Guild

A Monty Python-esque mash-up of iconic Denver area landmarks, melded and stamped to produce a creatively fun and distinctive logo. Promotional animation produced for the Denver Animators Guild.

Claim to Fame

Paper vs. Electronic: Dusty and Dash highlight the differences in processing speed for both types of dental claims.
Videoscribe illustrations for animated explainer video. Produced for Room 214.

Explanation of Benefits

A Delta Dental Explanation of Benefits (EOB) shouldn't be a mystery - now, you can get all the answers as Detective Max Ryan investigates his EOB line by line.
Videoscribe illustrations for animated explainer video. Produced for Room 214.

A Network to Smile About

Julie, having landed her first real job (with Delta Dental benefits), learns that the key to big savings is by staying in network.
Videoscribe illustrations for animated explainer video. Produced for Room 214.

Cisco Connected Health

Cisco's Connected Health solutions help you to keep better engaged with members, personalize your contact center, and leverage the power of big data - all through your favorite digital devices.
Animated explainer video.
Produced for Room 214.

Valley Internet

Valley Internet is a community-oriented internet and security services provider in California's scenic Napa Valley, delivering "fiber speed internet to places that no fiber wire has gone before".
Animated explainer video.
Produced for Valley Internet.

Workforce-Intelligent Contact Center

Is your business' contact center a "cost center" or a "profit center"? This fun & informative site will help you identify your center's issues and explain how to improve performance quality and customer service.
Videoscribe illustrations for interactive animation. Produced for Room 214.
[This project has also received a nice write-up in
The Denver Egoist]

Your Colon and You

Healthcare Education. How can you make the subject of colon cancer screenings more interesting? Hmm... maybe throw a birthday party and name some tumors? Animated video on colon cancer awareness. Produced for the American Cancer Society, Inc.


Entertainment/Self-Promotion. How do you create a promo spot for someone who is already so animated and funny? DougToons!
Animated promotion for NYC actor/singer/voice-over-talent/funnyman Doug Shapiro aka "Fearless Mensch."

DougToons 2 - Danger Doug

Entertainment/Self-Promotion. This ambitious sequel follows Doug Shapiro on his quest to drum up new work in the spookier corners of his beloved city (only to discover that he's at the end of a long line of scrappy evil-doers!) Who knew that repeated mispronunciation of his name would be Doug's Shazam moment?

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